PAFS: Honesty. Integrity. Respect. Fun.

In the days of the past, a trip to the airport didn’t generate expectations of a superior dining experience.
Freshness, quality, affordability and service were not the first words that leapt to mind as you wandered
a terminal searching for something to quell your hunger during a layover, or maybe gird your stomach
for a long cross-country flight. In fact, the words you may have been thinking aren’t fit for a family

With a singular dedication to not only providing quality food at reasonable prices, but to hand it over
with a smile and genuine caring for the guest, Premiere Airport Food Services is setting a new standard
for the traveling diner.

With the sweet music of jet engines faintly playing in the background, PAFS is delighting guests and
changing the world one meal at a time. Featuring several well-known brands, including Paradise Bakery
& Café, home-grown Valley favorite NYPD Pizza, and Copper Plate – An American Grill, its very own
casual dining concept, the approach is consistent, the results remarkable, and the food outstanding.

From senior leadership to team members on the line, PAFS is completely devoted to core values of
honesty, integrity, mutual respect and having fun. Judging from the smiles on the faces of both diners
and those who are working to make their experience an excellent one – this devotion is certainly paying