PAFS Personnel

Ariel Passarella
Assistant Manager
Paradise Bakery & Café, Terminal 2

Pursuing a degree in biochemistry, you’d think that Ariel Passarella’s passion for providing great
customer service would be something she’d have a hard time fitting into her busy schedule.

As an assistant manager at Terminal 2’s bustling Paradise Bakery & Café location, Ariel is always up for
working with her teammates to make a difference.

“I love the people I work with and absolutely helping guests,” she says. “It’s always fun to give them the
great Paradise experience.”

While she originally joined the PAFS team in 2009 as a sandwich maker, Ariel’s favorite item on the
menu is the Southwest Caesar Salad, which she likes to customize – like many of her guests do. But
you’ll never find one particularly popular food item on any of her salads. “I can’t eat bacon… ever.”


Jacinto Castro
Customer Service
Paradise Bakery & Café, Terminal X

Ask Jacinto Castro his approach to life and he’ll smile easily and say, “Every day is a new chapter, live life
to the fullest.”

Jacinto’s love of life comes through in the care he takes to make sure his guests enjoy their visit to his
restaurant. It’s a simple, yet effective approach that he employs every day.

“I like taking care of customers and making sure that they’re happy with their food,” he says.

A PAFS team member since 2002, he also likes taking care of his teammates on the soccer field with a
well-placed pass or encouragement on a nice play.



Gilbert Garcia
Food Delivery Coordinator

Without Gilbert Garcia’s contributions, none of PAFS’ guests would receive the food they enjoy. He is
responsible for getting products to all of PAFS’ Sky Harbor locations in a timely – and safe – manner.

An Arizona native, Gilbert knows his way around, but he’s also ready to change his path if the situation
calls for it.

“You never know exactly what the day is going to be like, which is exciting,” Gilbert says.

Between trips, you might find Gilbert snacking on Paradise Bakery & Café’s famous Chicken Walnut
Sandwich because, as he puts it, “There’s never a wrong time to have one.”